Doll 004 is  continuation of my Doll series and explores isolation and the failure to let go. The Doll sits alone, overcome with a sort of numb grief over a long-dead tree. In this story she has taken the tree from the a world of life in an attempt to keep it as hers alone. She pulled it from the earth, set it up and away from everyone else. She gave it water from the river, she let it see the sun, she gave it her love but on a base of steel its roots could not reach the soil and so it died by her hand. So she kneels before the dead tree as the water around her freezes and locks her into place. Her heart cannot be of the world, nor can it be without it.


Materials: Steel, wood, copper, brass, found objects, silicone, 

Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 11"

Price: $400

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