Gesicht 006 was named Chianti because it was intended to capture a personal crime of mine which is dulling my emotions with alcohol. I've made this sort of face during many a drunken stupor and the scary part is this has more appeal than happiness. 

 If you asked this face what it thought, it would tell you that any form of happiness goes away right at the moment that you've acknowledged it. This face believes a self-learned superstition that love ends with betrayal. People will only take from you, the ones that actually care will die and you were never aware enough to have realized it before they passed.

 Happiness is betrayal, misery is complacency, no better way to accept the face than with a lovely Chianti warming your belly.


Materials: Copper, plaster, wood, found objects

Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 14"

Price: "sold"

  • gesicht006 chianti-1

    gesicht006 chianti-1

  • gesicht006 chianti-2

    gesicht006 chianti-2

  • gesicht006 chianti-3

    gesicht006 chianti-3

  • gesicht006 chianti-4

    gesicht006 chianti-4

  • gesicht006 chianti-5

    gesicht006 chianti-5

  • gesicht006 chianti-6

    gesicht006 chianti-6

  • gesicht006 chianti-7

    gesicht006 chianti-7

  • gesicht006 chianti-8

    gesicht006 chianti-8

  • gesicht006 chianti-9

    gesicht006 chianti-9

  • gesicht006 chianti-10

    gesicht006 chianti-10

  • gesicht006 chianti-11

    gesicht006 chianti-11

  • gesicht006 chianti-12

    gesicht006 chianti-12

  • gesicht006 chianti-13

    gesicht006 chianti-13

  • gesicht006 chianti-14

    gesicht006 chianti-14

  • gesicht006 chianti-15

    gesicht006 chianti-15

  • gesicht006 chianti-16

    gesicht006 chianti-16

  • gesicht006 chianti-17

    gesicht006 chianti-17

  • gesicht006 chianti-18

    gesicht006 chianti-18

  • gesicht006 chianti-19

    gesicht006 chianti-19

  • gesicht006 chianti-20

    gesicht006 chianti-20

  • gesicht006 chianti-21

    gesicht006 chianti-21

  • gesicht006 chianti-22

    gesicht006 chianti-22

  • gesicht006 chianti-23

    gesicht006 chianti-23

  • gesicht006 chianti-24

    gesicht006 chianti-24