The Shed

The Shed was based off one of the most influential people of my life... the primary physical and sexual abuser of my childhood. We moved around a lot, getting evicted out of places regularly. The first house in Shelton, Washington was Agate Road. We moved into a condemned, one-bedroom A-frame shithole. Attached to the home (via plywood planks) was a trailer and attached to that trailer was another trailer. I lived in the "kitchen" of the first trailer. No doors, holes in the floor, leaking ceiling.

Mike, the abuser, lived in his own shed on the property. There was no place scarier to me than his shed. When you heard the door slam you know you were about to be in the shit. There was one time that Mike had me collect my belongings in boxes because he was going to burn them as punishment for... something. I was 6, stupid kid. Anyway, he told me to "go to the shed and get boxes" and like an idiot I went to HIS shed and not THE OTHER shed. And I started emptying a box of pornography (the first pornographic material I ever saw) and once he realized which shed I was in.... did not go well. Anyway, I went to the right shed, got his boxes, and he burned a good chunk of my toys, clothes.

I went back to this shed as an adult. The couple that bought the property were nice....... It had been something like 20 years since I had last seen the shed and when I revisited it. Even after all that time I still felt that intense fear and overwhelming panic. It was like stepping into the dragon's lair.


Materials: Copper, cement, steel, wood, trash, found objects, rubber

Dimensions: 16" x 19" x 29"

Price: "sold"

  • shed-1


  • shed-2


  • shed-3


  • shed-4


  • shed-5


  • shed-6


  • shed-7


  • shed-8


  • shed-9


  • shed-10


  • shed-11


  • shed-12


  • shed-13